Thursday, October 15, 2015

Optimal sharpness is reached by grindstones

Maintain and sharpen your knife goes best with a grindstone. Of course you can also by a knife sharpening service sharpened, but it is much cheaper and more fun to buy grindstones. Through self-sharpen your knife, you can keep it continuously focus and are within minutes ready for use again. Are you going to buy a grindstone, then you'll find all the information.


Grains in a grinding wheel

A grinding stone is in most cases, a composite of abrasive grains and bonding agent. Only in the case of Ardennes Coticules, it is a completely natural product. The abrasive grains have cutting edges which allows them to grinding. As soon as a grindstone is used, break up small pieces of the abrasive grain off, which in turn creates a new cutting edge. Most grinding stones for kitchen knives use aluminum oxide as abrasive. The higher the number, the smaller the grain. Stones with a coarse grain (up to 400 grit) you used to draw the fold (the real part of a cutting blade) of a blunt knife model. The fine finishes you then do with a stone with a smaller grain.

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